I am a freelance illustrator and artist. For many years I lived and worked in London and Hong Kong, but am now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I completed my illustration degree at Harrow College of Art, London in 1988. Since then I have worked mainly in the publishing world; illustrating articles, stories, and books. My clients over the years include; The Women’s Press, Oxford University Press, The CW Daniels Company, Asia Review of Books, Epicure Magazine, Cathay Pacific Airways, Mandarin Oriental, Peak Magazine and HK Magazine.

I enjoy receiving a piece of text and visualizing an image from that. I like working collaboratively in the process of making the finished image, but am also able to work quickly and independently on ideas and come up with alternative interpretations. My work can be spare and understated, or richly colourful and figurative. It is all a matter of creating the image which meshes best with the intention and style of the piece.